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Although you might have an estate plan that accounts for all of your assets and property, your heirs might still dispute their inheritance after you pass away. That is why it is crucial to meet with an attorney to make a clear plan for how your assets will be distributed and managed when you are no longer around. Our experienced legal professionals at The Weg Law Group are here to provide you with the legal resources you need to minimize estate expenses and maximize the value of the inheritance. Whether you need to develop a will or establish trusts for your investments, we can devise a unique, effective inheritance plan that meets your needs.

Inheritance Law in California: Things to Discuss With Your Inheritance Lawyer

When you meet with the legal professionals at our firm, we will discuss the following matters in great detail to make sure your beneficiaries inherit everything you leave for them.

Who Inherits Property in California?

A spouse’s cut of the intestate estate will fall to just one-third if you’ve left surviving children or grandchildren in any of the following situations, according to California inheritance laws:

  • There is more than one surviving child of the decedent

  • There is one surviving child of the decedent, along with a surviving grandchild of at least one deceased child

  • There are surviving grandchildren of at least two deceased children

What Types of Assets Will Be Inherited?

If you have mostly liquid assets, then you will need a different inheritance plan than the one you would use for property, bonds, securities, and other types of assets. We can evaluate the types of assets you want your beneficiaries to inherit to make sure your plan covers all of your bases.

What Is the Beneficiary’s Financial Situation?

Knowing your beneficiary’s financial situation is a key aspect of planning. If your beneficiary has substantial debt, you need to make a plan that will allow them to pay down debt and set themselves up for success.

Does Your Beneficiary Already Have an Estate Plan?

If your beneficiary doesn’t have an estate plan, we can make the necessary arrangements so they are prepared to accept a substantial inheritance and avoid certain expenses.

Can a Beneficiary Sue?

Yes, an estate beneficiary has a right to sue the executor or administrator if they are:

  • Not competently doing their job
  • Breaching their fiduciary duties
  • Causing financial harm to the estate

If an estate beneficiary suspects the executor or administrator to have breached their fiduciary duties – regardless of whether they did it intentionally or inadvertently – there are steps they can take to protect both their beneficiary rights and the estate.

What constitutes a breach of fiduciary duty? It can consist of:

  • Anything from the executor or administrator negligently managing estate assets
  • Intentionally misappropriating estate property
  • Failing to provide information or accountings to the beneficiaries

If sufficient evidence exists pointing to a breach of fiduciary duty on the part of the executor or administrator, estate beneficiaries can proceed with suing the executor of the estate.

Can You Sue For Your Inheritance?

There may be various reasons to sue for your inheritance. There are various reasons an individual may believe they have not received the inheritance they deserve and lead to a lawsuit.

The most common reasons include:

  • The deceased didn’t write a will or it is unclear on the distribution of their estate. Without a will, the estate may need to be claimed.
  • The will does not include them as the beneficiary of the estate or does not leave them with anything
  • Children and grandchildren can also sue for their inheritance if they were omitted from the will.
  • If you believe the deceased was mentally incapacitated and forced to write the contents of the will, you can sue.

Each person who had a connection with the deceased have their own inheritance rights. If you are considering suing for inheritance, you will have to consult with a professional who has extensive knowledge in inheritance law.

The Weg Law Group has ample experience in helping the loved ones of a deceased claim their inheritance. Call us today for a case review and to schedule a consultation!

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